The 3rd Birthday- PSP

The 3rd Birthday- PSP
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Jun 2018

alaTest har samlet og analysert 47 anmeldelser av The 3rd Birthday- PSP. Gjennomsnittlig rangering for dette produktet er 3.3/5, sammenlignet mot en gjennomsnittlig rangering på 3.8/5 for andre PlayStation Portable Spill (PSP).

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Ekspertanmeldelse av : Sam Atkins (

The 3rd Birthday – PSP Review


The 3rd Birthday – PSP ReviewPosted on June 17, 2011 | No CommentsThe twist that 3rd Birthday has that makes it different from every other shooter on PSP.

My main issue with The 3rd Birthday is that despite some vague plot links to previous games, it really isn’t a Parasite Eve title. Probably one of the main reasons why the series was left out of the name, the game is extremely generic, and could be any...

Jun 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Kyle (

The 3rd Birthday Review


Parasite Eve gets a new entry over ten years later, and once again it's very different from its predecessors.

The 3rd Birthday is also pretty different from the previous games. Don’t be expecting to be able to explore anything in this game or interact much with the environment because this is not the “cinematic RPG” you may have been expecting. It's a 3rd...

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Ken "ZeroTolerance" McKown (

The 3rd Birthday Review


In an interesting approach, I am taking a step back and reviewing a game that was released nearly a year ago on the PSP. We never got a chance to review The 3rd Birthday on our site...

New Vita controls ; Fantastic music ; Still holds up on Vita

Camera can feel loose ; Some battles feel disappointing

In an interesting approach, I am taking a step back and reviewing a game that was released nearly a year ago on the PSP. We never got a chance to review The 3rd Birthday on our site, which is a shame because I am personally a huge fan of the Parasite...

Mar 2012

Ekspertanmeldelse av : KevinS (

The 3rd Birthday Review


Aya Brea is pretty...

Gorgeous and not just by portable standards; Control makes perfect sense; Story is interesting, easy to follow

No real reason for most to play through again; Difficulty bounces too much in odd places

Mai 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

The 3rd Birthday


And ultimately that is my biggest complaint about 3rd Birthday. I wished they had taken the time to ease gamers into a system that's brand new in all aspects. It feels like they pushed too hard to redefine the series entirely. From a newcomer's...

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Cyril Lachel (

The 3rd Birthday


A note to anybody who lives in (or plans on visiting) New York City: If you ever find yourself standing next to Aya Brea while waiting for the subway, then it's time to catch the next ride out of there. When it comes to weird supernatural events taking...

With its impressive visuals and compelling storytelling, The 3rd Birthday is an exciting new chapter in the Parasite Eve series. Too bad the game is marred by stiff controls, frustrating gameplay and cheap bosses. If you can get past these hiccups...

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Mike Morgan (

The 3rd Birthday


The 3rd Birthday is the third installment of the Parasite Eve franchise from Square Enix. The games themselves are based off of a Japanese novel dealing with special powers coming from the mitochondria in our cells and the next stage of human...

Good looking game ; Lots of replayabiltiy ; Some cool ideas

Doesn't feel like a Parasite Eve game ; Not a great story

The 3rd Birthday is a pretty good title to pick up. It may not feel like a Parasite Eve game, but that isn’t that big of an issue. Its a pretty game with tight controls and some fun combat moves like the Overdive. It however isn’t that great of a story...

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : JoshButler (

The 3rd Birthday



A simple yet polished, no frills PSP shooter

A mire of frustrating controls and incomprehensible plot

Ten years is a long time in videogames, and nowhere is this more evident than in the game's cinematics. Even on the original Playstation, Parasite Eve's cutscenes were anything but primitive, but on Sony's handheld it's clear how far the series'...

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Kyle MacGregor (

The 3rd Birthday


The Parasite Eve games, developed by Squaresoft, blend elements of survival horror with those of traditional RPGs. After an eleven year hiatus following the release of Parasite Eve II Aya Brea is back in this ?cinematic action RPG? for the PlayStation...

The 3rd Birthday is a fun and reasonably well-made game that, unfortunately, attempts to do too many things to do any of them terribly well.

Apr 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Ben Dutka (

The 3rd Birthday Review


I was a big fan of the original Parasite Eve. It remains one of my favorite games of all time. And while PE2 adopted a real-time mechanic and made it feel too much like Resident Evil, I still enjoyed myself. Therefore, I've been looking forward to The...

The Ugly: “Yup, dead again. Way to go, cutie.”

Mar 2011