Dali AXS 5000

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Jan 2015

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Dali AXS 5000


I have been play and recording music for the past thirty years.... needed a "quality" pair of speakers.... went to the local shop and found these... listened and was happy to throw the cash at the salesman and get home! Bang for buck.. these are...

Excellent value!Very good sound quality/ fidelity!Very efficient... little in... plenty out

For the money.... nothing! Christ what do you expect for $350US!Probably their reactance with srrounding walls... you need to play with them a bit to get the optimum location

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Dali AXS 5000


Bought them over a year ago, because I wanted speakers that would work out fine with house music as well as pop,rock,opera etc. Can be a bit "boomy" when placed close to the walls, but otherwise are pretty ok.

Powerfull sound, no need for subwoofer in home cinema setup

no biwire-terminals

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Dali AXS 5000


Very nice speakers for this price. I think that they have great value for home theater sets. Very powerfull bass. However for the audio purposes the bass can be too dummy.

Bass, clearity

none for this price

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Dali AXS 5000


Sounds good if you don´t have so much money.I have used them over 2 years now and they still stands up

Cheap and well playing

NOthing fot the price...I guess