Olympus Camedia D-600L

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Olympus D-600L SLR


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Digital Cameras - Olympus D-500L/D-600L Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications


Operation and User Interface No doubt about it, these cameras are complex devices, with many operating modes, flash and exposure settings, etc. In fact, they really are much closer to full-function SLR cameras than they are to simple point & shoots....

Because these two cameras share so many features and capabilities in common, we have taken the unusual step of merging their reviews here, so readers can better understand some of the subtle differences between the two

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Frank LaRosa, 28 Jun 03)


I bought one in 1999 and used it on and off for a couple years. Bottom line is it just wasn't what I expected in a digital SLR. I wanted more manual control. The photos I got were decent, occasionally really good. Olympus went to a lot of trouble to...

Focusing was a nightmare. Time after time, I would spend several minutes trying to get the autofocus to lock on something. This happened to me not only in low-light, but anytime. The last straw was when I took my D-600L on a hiking trip and could not...


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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Richard Slay, 29 Aug 02)


I've owned this camera for about 3-4 years and still use it. Its great for outdoor shots or whenever you have a lot of light. Indoors or low light shots are difficult due to the camera having a difficult time focusing. It is a great camera for passing...

None to report ; I would highly suggest using li rechargable batteries and a smart media floppy disk adapter for transferring pictures to your computer. The serial cable is way too slow

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Ian Yates, 13 Aug 02)


Suprisingly still using this camera today. Love the SLR type viewfinde, which I miss dearly on my Uzi. A great backup camera which has served me well over the years. My wife uses it when we go out together. Not really come across the battery usage...

My wife still struggles to get it to focus in poor light but there are tricks to get around this shortfall. The 620 dealt with the long write times to the smartmedia

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (dan benau, 4 May 02)


This was my first digital camera. I waited until the price went below $1K. Have taken a few thousand pics with it. It's light to carry, the lens is excellent. Zoom is good and fast considering camera's age. Focus in bright daylight is excellent....

Very slow to write image compared even to later Olympus models ; Need to lock focus on contrasty subject and then recompose in less ; than bright daylight. Only up to 32 Meg Smart Media capability

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (mike, 17 Mar 02)


A fav choice among adv amateur photogs entering digital photography a couple years back. I got mine for just under USD$250 recently. While dated (serial port! 32MB max cap!), I liked its styling (look at the masses of ugly 'futuristic' tourist-style...

Limited low-light cap. Dated (by today) functions. Motorised-zoom(ok nearly every digicam suffers from this... why can't we have the old manual zoom ring??) Iffy focusing (I overcome this be switching to Spot metering and prefocusing on a high-contrast...

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Henry Falkner, 11 Feb 02)


It was my second digital camera, but the first one to allow prints up to A4 size. It was a digital workalike for the Olympus IS-2000 35mm all-in-one SLR that I stiil own. I was very comfortable with it, and I have retained the shots I took then.

Comparison of electronic circuit board pictures with the C-900 ZOOM suggests that the resolution was obtained by extrapolation, a common ploy at that time ; I had to use lithium batteries, because Ni-MeH rechargeables were not yet available in New Zealand

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Josh, 5 Feb 02)


I bought this camera around when it first came out. Cost me around $720.00 US. This will probably be the last Olympus digital I buy. I've had no problem with the quality of the pictures it produces and I've actually enjoyed taking pictures with it...

Quite a few annoying problems. The first one is it sucks batteries! I even went and bought Olympus' charger and their batteries and they don't last that long for me. Second is the autofocus doesn't like to focus. And if it's not focused like it wants...

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Owners Opinion: Olympus D-600L (Matt, 3 Feb 02)


98-99 Euro DigiCam of the year. Excellent images even by today's standards (esp for a 1+ MP CCD). Limited min 1/4s shutter spd can be 'pushed' by using the pre-focus modes and +3 exp comp for low-light shots. Use photoshop etc to push gamma/contrast...

as well-documented eg batt-consumption, limited by 'auto' functions design, low-light perf, SMedia (max 32MB w/firmware upgrade), serial transfer, no hotshoe


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