Fujifilm FinePix JV110

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pris, brukbarhet, skjerm, bildekvalitet

batteri, objektiv, prestasjon, fokus

Gjennomsnittlig så rangerte brukerne dette produktet 70/100.


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great value


i purchased this camera for my 8 year old daughter who wanted a proper camera and not child like one, i thought the price was good value as with her being young didnt want to spend a fortune, my daughter loves it and its simple to use and takes great...

simple to use, great value

u have to remove the battery to charge

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Cheap.. its a camera and thats it


The Fuji feels well made apart from the shutter button that has quite a bit of play in it. The LCD screen is quite good but sometime lines can be seen rolling through the pic ( Cheaper LCDS do this) .

cheap, small, hd video

poor lens and focus, auto not very good, no quick backlight adjustment

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Went back to the portsmouth shop as soon as it opened on Sunday to change camera,( see above review) no trouble there. Took it back home to wrap it up as it was a birthday present for that day.

ease of use

weak looking battery door


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Just bought the camera as a birthday present and charged it for hours until the green light came on then put battery in set the date/time then was greeted with beeping all the time , took battery out for a time, same again. Turned it off only it won't...

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fine pix cheap but great value


for £79 I was only expecting an average performance from this Fuji ,but became very pleasantly surprised at the quality of image on screen and the ease of use, The lithium-ion is great as earlier Fuji's of this price were blighted by AA rechargables...

image quality

plastic battery door